Top Rated Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mowers Of All Times

Let us agree that getting a mower to cut your grass is one thing and getting your hands on the best rear engine riding lawn mower is quite another. There are many things that one has to look into if you were to buy a mower yes the best rear engine lawn mower. Since there are quite a number of rear engine lawn mowers in the world, there will be a daunting task of trying to sample the best out of the rest that you will be picking to your home.
Thankfully, we have made it very easy for you. Here are two of the best rear engine riding lawn mowers that you may choose from:

Snapper RE10 15.5HP

We start by giving you the main features under this beautiful yet strong machine. Rear engine riding lawn mowers are hard to find. But be keen when looking at these features:

It has a nice and easy to operate steering wheel. 11-inch adjustable mid-back seat. The mower contains a LED headlight. 20-inch radius in turning which is easier to us when mowing. Efficiently mows grass and clears the clippings as you move along. It has a 13-gauge made of steel and stamped. Comes with a side discharge. It has a 6-position height. This is ideal for any user. It comes with a patented deck that is rolled up. This is like no other. It is equipped with the ability of a much smoother ride, with responsive maneuverability. It has a foot peddle control. Its speed is variable-5 mph going forward and 2 mph on the reverse side. It has the full pressured lubrication. This is a system that is not prevalent in most rear engine riding mowers in the market. With the electric start, you are very sure of instant powering whenever you want to use it. It comes with an overhead valve-better and efficient fuel economy.

Craftsman 420cc 30” 6-Speed Rear Rider

Among the world’s best rear engine riding mowers there have been, you can comfortably add this to the list. Just as the name suggests, it is simply the work of a real craftsman that that this rear engine riding mower has come to be. Here are some of the notable features prompting it to be one of the best rear engine riding mowers in store:

It is robust. Its heavy and hard-built design gives it the ability to work on any yard there may be. It comes with a full pressure lubrication mechanism. The mower comes with an oil filter that is spin-on. This ensures longevity. It has a fuel tank with a capacity of 1.5 gallons. This will save you a lot of time for breaking in order to go for fill-ups. The mower is built with a 14 gauge steel frame. This ensures durability and strength. The size of the rear riding mower is 30”. This is ideal for any gate and space for its store preferably a garage. It has 5 cutting positions. In this, it also has the ability to utilize the positions with 1.5 to 4 inches. As mentioned in the title, it has a 6-speed transmission –shift and on the go. The turning radius is at 18 inches. This is perfect for any size of your lawn and enables efficiency. With the 6-speed, there is absolutely no need to waste time on brake and clutch. Increase and decrease the speed as you mow more grass. It comes with headlights which mean that you can even mow at night with easy. Craftsman rear engine riding mowers are equipped with a rugged front pumper that gives the rider and the mower more protection. The mower clears both grass and whatever debris with ease.

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Types of Lawn Edgers Based on Cutting Mechanism

McLane 4G-7-P 9-Inch 4HP Honda Gas Powered Lawn Edger (CARB Compliant)

It is always necessary for finding the best lawn edger for your home so that it can be possible for you to maintain the lawn at your home in best condition and in great way. There are so many things that you need to consider for the purpose of getting the best edger for your use. There are so many varieties of the lawn edgers available in the market so that you can choose the one that is most suitable for you. The categorization is available based on the power source used by them and also the kind of the cutting mechanism that is made used in them. Here are some of the varieties that you can find when you are considering them based on the cutting mechanisms used with them.

The way you think can be most suitable for cutting the lawn should be considered. The blade as well as string are the most common options that you can get as that of the lawnmower. Blades are usually equipped with cutting power that is highly dangerous and also much heavier. The string lawn edger can be available with lighter weight and also is much safer. This is an option that is highly expensive compared with the machine’s life.

String Cutter

Most of the string cutters makes use of spool. The spools are things that can be availed as precoiled or can be coiled manually. The pro systems make use of strings that are of shorter length and the one that can be used for preventing the common frustrations that are usually associated with the string cutting. Edging can easily use string in much faster pace. This is the factor which makes this kind of lawn edger an expensive option when you are considering it for frequent usage.


Most of the lawn edgers that makes use of strings are the ones that can be considered as trimmers. These are even called as weed whackers or edger trimmers. These are the trimmers that even come with rotatable head and also guide which allows them to easily be used as the law edgers. These are the ones that are great choice by the homeowners as they can provide great amount of function with the single machine. There are chances for trimmers to be used well in the purpose of having a better kind of results. A single machine can provide awesome function when the trimmers are made used.

Blade Cutters

The lawn edgers can even be available in the form of blade cutters. The blade cutters are the one that are highly durable, powerful and also strong. They can even handle the landscaping challenges as well as the thick bush in much better manner than the string cutter can do in cost effective way. The blades need to be sharpened as well as oiled in between but is not an expensive thing. The maintenance can be done well by homeowners by using the sharpening tool and also blade oil.

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